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Our Shrub Covers help to prevent broken
branches caused by to much snow or ice.
Made from Pine, Treated and Cedar lumber our
covers are made to last the years to come. Each
hole is pre-drilled to prevent wood from splitting
during assembly and in the future and glued with
TiteBond exterior glue.
Shrub Covers are made to order.
Orders and Credit cards are only accepted online.
Orders can also be sent to
Horizontal Covers   Vertical Covers
Horizontal Shrub Covers   Vertical Shrub Covers
19" Wide   19" Wide
19" Wide Standard Horizontal Covers   19" Wide Standard Covers
19" Wide Treated Horizontal Covers   19" Wide Treated Covers
19" Wide Cedar Horziontal Covers   19" Wide Cedar Covers
24" Wide   24" Wide
Standard Horizontal Covers   24" Wide Standard Vertical Covers
24" Wide Treated Horizontal Covers   24" Wide Treated Vertical Covers
Cedar Horizontal Covers   24" Wide Cedar Vertical Covers
36" Wide   34" Wide
36" Wide Standard Horizontal Covers   34" Wide Standard Vertical Covers
36" Wide Treated Horizontal Covers   34" Wide Treated Vertical Covers
36" Wide Cedar Horizontal Covers   34" Wide Cedar Vertical Covers
48" Wide   44" Wide
48" Wide Standard Horizontal Covers   44" Wide Standard Vertical Covers
48" Wide Treated Horizontal Covers   44" Wide Treated Vertical Covers
48" Wide Cedar Horizontal Covers   44" Wide Cedar Vertical Covers
Lightweight Cedar Covers
24in Wide Covers 34in Wide Covers 48in Wide Covers
24" Wide Lightweight Treated Shrub Covers 36" Wide Lightweight Treated Shrub Covers 48" Wide Lightweight Treated Shrub Covers
24" Wide Lightweight Cedar Shrub Covers 36" Wide Lightweight Cedar Shrub Covers 48" Wide Lightweight Cedar Shrub Covers
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